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Chapter 150—Building Numbering

150.01 Definitions 150.02 Owner Requirements 150.03 Building Numbering Plan 150.01 DEFINITIONS. For use in this chapter, the following terms are defined: “Owner” means the owner of the principal building. “Principal building” means the main building on any lot or subdivision thereof. 150.02 OWNER REQUIREMENTS. Every owner shall comply with the following numbering requirements: Obtain Building Number. The owner shall obtain …

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Chapter 147—Water Well Protection

147.01 Purpose 147.02 Definitions 147.03 Distance Required from Public Wells 147.04 Inspection 147.05 Violations 147.06 Applicability 147.01 PURPOSE. The purpose of this chapter is to restrict the location of potential sources of contamination in close proximity to a public water supply in order to protect the public safety, health and welfare. 147.02 DEFINITIONS. For use in this chapter, the following …

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