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Chapter 106—Collection of Solid Waste

106.01 Collection Service 106.02 Collection Vehicles 106.03 Loading 106.04 Frequency of Collection 106.05 Bulky Rubbish 106.06 Right of Entry 106.07 Contract Requirements 106.08 Collection Fees 106.09 Lien for Nonpayment 106.10 Property Owner’s Responsibility 106.01 COLLECTION SERVICE. The City shall provide by contract for the collection of solid waste, except bulky rubbish as provided in Section 106.05, from residential premises only. …

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Chapter 105—Solid Waste Control

105.01 Purpose 105.02 Definitions 105.03 Sanitary Disposal Required 105.04 Health and Fire Hazard 105.05 Open Burning Restricted 105.06 Separation of Yard Waste Required 105.07 Littering Prohibited 105.08 Open Dumping Prohibited 105.09 Toxic and Hazardous Waste 105.10 Waste Storage Containers 105.11 Prohibited Practices 105.01 PURPOSE. The purpose of the chapters in this Code of Ordinances pertaining to Solid Waste Control and …

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