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Chapter 37—Roland Response Team

37.01 Establishment and Purpose 37.02 Organization 37.03 Director 37.04 Assistant Director 37.05 Secretary 37.06 Treasurer 37.07 Membership 37.08 Training 37.09 Compensation 37.10 Meetings 37.11 General Rules 37.12 Financing and Accounting 37.13 Worker’s Compensation 37.14 Liability Insurance 37.01 ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE. A Response Team service is hereby established to provide faster emergency medical care. The Response Team shall provide emergency medical …

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Chapter 36—Hazardous Substance Spills

36.01 Purpose 36.02 Definitions 36.03 Cleanup Required 36.04 Liability for Cleanup Costs 36.05 Notifications 36.06 Police Authority 36.07 Liability 36.01 PURPOSE. In order to reduce the danger to the public health, safety and welfare from the leaks and spills of hazardous substances, these regulations are promulgated to establish responsibility for the treatment, removal and cleanup of hazardous substance spills within …

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Chapter 35—Fire Department

35.01 Establishment and Purpose 35.02 Organization 35.03 Approved by Council 35.04 Training 35.05 Compensation 35.06 Election of Officers 35.07 Fire Chief: Duties 35.08 Obedience to Fire Chief 35.09 Constitution 35.10 Accidental Injury Insurance 35.11 Liability Insurance 35.12 Calls Outside Fire District 35.13 Mutual Aid 35.14 Authority to Cite Violations 35.01 ESTABLISHMENT AND PURPOSE. A volunteer fire department is hereby established …

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Chapter 30—Contract Law Enforcement

30.01 CONTRACT LAW ENFORCEMENT. The Council may contract with the County Sheriff or any other qualified lawful entity to provide law enforcement services within the City, and the Sheriff or such other entity shall have and exercise the powers and duties as provided in said contract and as required by law or ordinance. (Code of Iowa, 28E.30)

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