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Chapter 47—Park Regulations

47.01 Purpose 47.02 Use of Drives Required 47.03 Fires 47.04 Littering 47.05 Alcoholic Beverages in Parks 47.01 PURPOSE. The purpose of this chapter is to facilitate the enjoyment of park facilities by the general public by establishing rules and regulations governing the use of park facilities. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 364.12) 47.02 USE OF DRIVES REQUIRED. No person shall drive …

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Chapter 46—Minors

46.01 Curfew 46.02 Cigarettes and Tobacco 46.03 Contributing to Delinquency 46.04 Minors in Taverns 46.05 Minors in Billiard Rooms 46.01 CURFEW. The Council has determined that a curfew for minors is necessary to promote the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the City and specifically to reinforce the primary authority and responsibility of adults responsible for minors; to …

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Chapter 45—Alcohol Consumption and Intoxication

45.01 Persons Under Legal Age 45.02 Public Consumption or Intoxication 45.03 Open Containers in Motor Vehicles 45.01 PERSONS UNDER LEGAL AGE. As used in this section, “legal age” means twenty-one (21) years of age or more. A person or persons under legal age shall not purchase or attempt to purchase or individually or jointly have alcoholic liquor, wine or beer …

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Chapter 42—Public and Private Property

42.01 Trespassing 42.02 Criminal Mischief 42.03 Defacing Proclamations or Notices 42.04 Unauthorized Entry 42.05 Fraud 42.06 Theft 42.07 Other Public Property Offenses 42.01 TRESPASSING. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly trespass upon the property of another. As used in this section, the term “property” includes any land, dwelling, building, conveyance, vehicle or other temporary or permanent structure whether …

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Chapter 41—Public Health and Safety

41.01 Distributing Dangerous Substances 41.02 False Reports to or Communications with Public Safety Entities 41.03 Refusing to Assist Officer 41.04 Harassment of Public Officers and Employees 41.05 Interference with Official Acts 41.06 Abandoned or Unattended Refrigerators 41.07 Antenna and Radio Wires 41.08 Barbed Wire and Electric Fences 41.09 Discharging Weapons 41.10 Throwing and Shooting 41.11 Urinating and Defecating 41.12 Fireworks 41.13 …

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Chapter 40—Public Peace

40.01 Assault 40.02 Harassment 40.03 Disorderly Conduct 40.04 Unlawful Assembly 40.05 Failure to Disperse 40.01 ASSAULT. No person shall, without justification, commit any of the following: Pain or Injury. Any act which is intended to cause pain or injury to, or which is intended to result in physical contact which will be insulting or offensive to another, coupled with the …

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