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Chapter 123—House Movers

123.01 House Mover Defined 123.02 Permit Required 123.03 Application 123.04 Bond Required 123.05 Insurance Required 123.06 Permit Fee 123.07 Permit Issued 123.08 Public Safety 123.09 Time Limit 123.10 Removal by City 123.11 Protect Pavement 123.12 Overhead Wires 123.01 HOUSE MOVER DEFINED. A “house mover” means any person who undertakes to move a building or similar structure upon, over or across …

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Chapter 122—Peddlers, Solicitors, and Transient Merchants

122.01 Purpose 122.02 Definitions 122.03 License Required 122.04 Application for License 122.05 License Fees 122.06 Bond Required 122.07 License Issued 122.08 Display of License 122.09 License Not Transferable 122.10 Time Restriction 122.11 Revocation of License 122.12 Notice 122.13 Hearing 122.14 Record and Determination 122.15 Appeal 122.16 Effect of Revocation 122.17 Rebates 122.18 License Exemptions 122.19 Charitable and Nonprofit Organizations 122.01 …

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Chapter 121—Cigarette and Tobacco Permits

121.01 Definitions 121.02 Permit Required 121.03 Application 121.04 Fees 121.05 Issuance and Expiration 121.06 Refunds 121.07 Persons Under Legal Age 121.08 Self-Service Sales Prohibited 121.09 Permit Revocation 121.01 DEFINITIONS. For use in this chapter the following terms are defined: (Code of Iowa, Sec. 453A.1) “Carton” means a box or container of any kind in which ten or more packages or …

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Chapter 120—Liquor Licenses and Wine and Beer Permits

120.01 License or Permit Required 120.02 General Prohibition 120.03 Investigation 120.04 Action by Council 120.05 Prohibited Sales and Acts 120.06 Amusement Devices 120.01 LICENSE OR PERMIT REQUIRED. No person shall manufacture for sale, import, sell, or offer or keep for sale, alcoholic liquor, wine, or beer without first securing a liquor control license, wine permit or beer permit in accordance …

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