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Chapter 99—Sewer Service Charges

99.01 Sewer Service Charges Required 99.02 Rate 99.03 Special Rates 99.04 Private Water Systems 99.05 Payment of Bills 99.06 Lien for Nonpayment 99.07 Special Agreements Permitted 99.08 Property Owner’s Responsibility 99.01 SEWER SERVICE CHARGES REQUIRED. Every customer shall pay to the City sewer service fees as hereinafter provided. (Code of Iowa, Sec. 384.84) 99.02 RATE. Sewer service shall be furnished …

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Chapter 98—On-Site Wastewater Systems

98.01 When Prohibited 98.02 When Required 98.03 Compliance with Regulations 98.04 Permit Required 98.05 Discharge Restrictions 98.06 Maintenance of System 98.07 Systems Abandoned 98.08 Disposal of Septage 98.01 WHEN PROHIBITED. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, it is unlawful to construct or maintain any on-site wastewater treatment and disposal system or other facility intended or used for the disposal …

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Chapter 97—Use of Public Sewers

97.01 Storm Water 97.02 Surface Waters Exception 97.03 Prohibited Discharges 97.04 Restricted Discharges 97.05 Restricted Discharges – Powers 97.06 Special Facilities 97.07 Control Manholes 97.08 Testing of Wastes 97.01 STORM WATER. No person shall discharge or cause to be discharged any storm water, surface water, groundwater, roof run-off, sub-surface drainage, uncontaminated cooling water, or unpolluted industrial process waters to any …

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Chapter 96—Building Sewers and Connections

96.01 Permit 96.02 Permit Fee and Connection Charge 96.03 Plumber Required 96.04 Excavations 96.05 Connection Requirements 96.06 Interceptors Required 96.07 Sewer Tap 96.08 Inspection Required 96.09 Property Owner’s Responsibility 96.10 Abatement of Violations 96.01 PERMIT. No unauthorized person shall uncover, make any connection with or opening into, use, alter or disturb any public sewer or appurtenance thereof without first obtaining …

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Chapter 95—Sanitary Sewer System

95.01 Purpose 95.02 Definitions 95.03 Superintendent 95.04 Prohibited Acts 95.05 Sewer Connection Required 95.06 Service Outside the City 95.07 Right of Entry 95.08 Use of Easements 95.09 Special Penalties 95.01 PURPOSE. The purpose of the chapters of this Code of Ordinances pertaining to Sanitary Sewers is to establish rules and regulations governing the treatment and disposal of sanitary sewage within …

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