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Chapter 140—Controlled Access Facilities

140.01 Exercise of Police Power 140.02 Definition 140.03 Right of Access Limited 140.04 Access Controls Imposed 140.05 Unlawful Use of Controlled Access Facility 140.06 Parking Restricted 140.01 EXERCISE OF POLICE POWER. This chapter shall be deemed an exercise of the police power of the City under Chapter 306A, Code of Iowa, for the preservation of the public peace, health, safety …

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Chapter 139—Naming of Streets

139.01 Naming New Streets 139.02 Changing Name of Street 139.03 Recording Street Names 139.04 Official Street Name Map 139.05 Revision of Street Name Map 139.01 NAMING NEW STREETS. New streets shall be assigned names in accordance with the following: Extension of Existing Street. Streets added to the City that are natural extensions of existing streets shall be assigned the name …

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Chapter 138—Street Grades

138.01 Established Grades 138.02 Record Maintained 138.01 ESTABLISHED GRADES. The grades of all streets, alleys and sidewalks, which have been heretofore established by ordinance are hereby confirmed, ratified and established as official grades. 138.02 RECORD MAINTAINED. The Clerk shall maintain a record of all established grades and furnish information concerning such grades upon request. EDITOR’S NOTE The following ordinances not …

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Chapter 137—Vacation and Disposal of Streets

137.01 Power to Vacate 137.02 Planning and Zoning Commission 137.03 Notice of Vacation Hearing 137.04 Findings Required 137.05 Disposal of Vacated Streets or Alleys 137.06 Disposal by Gift Limited 137.01 POWER TO VACATE. When, in the judgment of the Council, it would be in the best interest of the City to vacate a street, alley, portion thereof or any public …

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Chapter 136—Sidewalk Regulations

136.01 Purpose 136.02 Definitions 136.03 Removal of Snow, Ice and Accumulations 136.04 Responsibility for Maintenance 136.05 City May Order Repairs 136.06 Sidewalk Construction Ordered 136.07 Permit Required 136.08 Sidewalk Standards 136.09 Barricades and Warning Lights 136.10 Failure to Repair or Barricade 136.11 Interference with Sidewalk Improvements 136.12 Awnings 136.13 Encroaching Steps 136.14 Openings and Enclosures 136.15 Fires or Fuel on …

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Chapter 135—Street Use and Maintenance

135.01 Removal of Warning Devices 135.02 Obstructing or Defacing 135.03 Placing Debris On 135.04 Playing In 135.05 Traveling on Barricaded Street or Alley 135.06 Use for Business Purposes 135.07 Washing Vehicles 135.08 Burning Prohibited 135.09 Excavations 135.10 Maintenance of Parking or Terrace 135.11 Failure to Maintain Parking or Terrace 135.12 Dumping of Snow 135.13 Driveway Culverts 135.14 Sump Pump Drainage …

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