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Chapter 25—City Administrator

25.01 Appointment and Term of Administrator
25.02 Compensation
25.03 Administrative Responsibility
25.04 Duties
25.05 Deputy City Clerk
25.06 Bond


At its first meeting in January following the regular City election, the Council shall appoint by majority vote a City Administrator to serve for a term of two (2) years.


The Administrator shall receive such annual salary as the Council shall from time to time determine by resolution, and payment shall be made from the treasury of the City, in the manner provided for paying other officers and employees.


The City Administrator shall be directly responsible to the Council for the administration of municipal affairs as directed by that body. All departmental activity requiring the attention of the Council shall be brought before the body by the Administrator and all Council, involvement in administration initiated by the Council must be coordinated through the Administrator.

25.04 DUTIES.

The duties of the Administrator are as follows:

  1. To supervise enforcement and execution of the City laws.
  2. To attend all meetings of the Council unless excused by a majority of the Council.
  3. To recommend to the Council such measures as deemed necessary or expedient for the good government and welfare of the City.
  4. To have the general supervision and direction of the administration of the City government and to appoint with approval of the Council such administrative assistants as shall be deemed advisable.
  5. To assist the Mayor in any of the Mayor’s duties, as requested by the Mayor and as approved by the Council.
  6. To assist the Council with the municipal boards and commissions by making recommendations to the boards and commissions about planning, activities and the execution of its policies and programs as agreed on.
  7. To cooperate with any administrative agency and make recommendations to the Council for joint or cooperative activities with said agencies.
  8. To supervise and direct the official conduct of all employees of the City except the Police Department and the City Attorney, unless authorized by the Mayor or Council.
  9. With the approval of the Council, to have the power to employ, reclassify or discharge all employees of the City, subject to the provisions of the soldier’s preference law and the civil service law, except the Police Department and City Attorney and, subject to the approval of the Council to fix the compensation to be paid such employees.
  10. To have the power to appoint or employ persons to fill all places for which no other mode of appointment is provided and to have the power to administer oaths of office.
  11. To supervise the construction, improvement, repair, maintenance and management of all City property, capital improvements and undertakings of the City, including the making and preservation of all surveys, maps, plans, drawings, specifications and estimates for capital improvements.
  12. To supervise the performance of all contracts for work to be done for the City, make all purchases of material and supplies and see that such material and supplies are received and are of the quality and character called for by the contract.
  13. To summarily and without notice investigate any affairs and conduct of any department, agency, officer or employee under the supervision of the Administrator.
  14. To provide for and cause records to be kept of the issuance and revocation of licenses and permits authorized by City law.
  15. To keep the Council fully advised of the financial and other conditions of the City and of its future needs.
  16. To conduct the business affairs of the City and cause accurate records to be kept by modern and efficient accounting methods.
  17. To make to the Council not later than the first regular Council meeting each month an itemized financial report showing the receipts and disbursements for the preceding month. Copies of financial reports must be available at the Clerk’s office for public distribution.
  18. To provide technical assistance to developers, property owners and others involved in the process of developing new business activity.
  19. To attend Roland Area Development Corporation (RADC) meetings as the City’s representative.
  20. To perform other duties at the Council’s direction.

The City Administrator shall nominate for Council appointment a Deputy City Clerk to perform the duties of the Clerk in the Administrator’s absence and to perform such other duties assigned to him or her.

25.06 BOND.

The Administrator shall be bonded for the faithful performance of duties and in favor of the City, in the sum of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000.00). The City shall pay the cost of this bond.