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Chapter 37—Roland Response Team

37.01 Establishment and Purpose
37.02 Organization
37.03 Director
37.04 Assistant Director
37.05 Secretary
37.06 Treasurer
37.07 Membership
37.08 Training
37.09 Compensation
37.10 Meetings
37.11 General Rules
37.12 Financing and Accounting
37.13 Worker’s Compensation
37.14 Liability Insurance


A Response Team service is hereby established to provide faster emergency medical care. The Response Team shall provide emergency medical care, when dispatched by the Story County Law Enforcement Center, and continue to give assistance until more qualified medical personnel arrive. The Story County Law Enforcement Center shall consider the geographic location of the medical emergency, the Response Team, and the ambulance as to their ability for timely arrival. The Roland Response Team shall provide service in the same geographic area, as defined by the Roland Fire Department.


All members shall be State certified and hold a minimum certification level of First Responders. Any person having the necessary qualifications may become a response member, with the approval of the response’s protocol. The Council shall be notified of any changes in personnel. The Response Team shall elect its board members to be approved by the Council. The Board shall consist of a Director, an Assistant Director, a Secretary and Treasurer. Board members will be elected for a one-year term.


The Director shall have the following duties:

  1. General. Perform all duties required by this chapter.
  2. Command. Maintain efficiency, discipline, and control of the Response Team. The members shall, at all times, be subject to directions of the Director.
  3. Property. Maintain and have full control over all equipment and supplies used by or belonging to the Response Team.
  4. Records. Cause to be kept records of the Response Team personnel, operating costs, minutes of proceedings, number of responses, location, and an analysis of their type.
  5. Reports. Compile and submit to the Mayor and Council an annual report on the status and activities of the service, as well as such other reports requested by the Mayor or the Council. These reports shall be submitted to the Clerk on or before the last day of the calendar year.

The Assistant Director shall help in any way with the duties of the Director when assistance is required.


The Secretary shall take minutes of all meetings, keep records of projects, and perform other clerical duties, as directed by the Director.


The Treasurer is responsible for submitting bills and moneys to the Clerk.


The Response Team shall consist of volunteer persons who are in good health and at least 18 years of age. Members must be certified or in training to be certified to a level of care recognized by the Iowa Department of Public Health for emergency medical care. The Response Team may adopt such rules and regulations as deemed advisable, not inconsistent with this Code of Ordinances, Council rules, or the laws of the State.


Each member shall maintain the minimum standards required by the State Bureau of EMS for the level of certification each member holds. All members shall maintain current certification in Basic Cardiac Life Support.


Members of the Response Team shall receive compensation, as determined by resolution of the Council.


All members shall attend each monthly meeting. The date and time is subject to change if needed. All meetings shall be held in accordance with this Code of Ordinances and the Code of Iowa.


The Roland Response Team shall comply with the voluntary First Response Service Standards promulgated by the Iowa Department of Public Health, Emergency Medical Services. Members shall abide by all rules of this chapter.

  1. All members agree to take calls whenever available.
  2. All members shall find their own substitutes, if for any reason they cannot be on call for their scheduled call time. They must notify the Director or Assistant Director to insure coverage of that call time period.
  3. Members that are on-call or responding to calls shall not consume any alcoholic beverages or take any medication which could possibly affect their ability to perform during a call.
  4. No member shall give out any information about any response call. This is confidential information.

Moneys collected by the Response Team shall be deposited through the office of the Clerk. Any payments made shall be by check drawn by the Clerk and approved by the Council only upon adequate report or bills relating thereto as required by law, ordinance, or Council directive. All funds, accounting and budgets shall be in accordance with the ordinances of the City. The budget and expenditures shall not exceed the cash on hand for the Response Team.


The Council shall contract to insure the City against liability for worker’s compensation and against statutory liability for the costs of hospitalization, nursing, and medical attention for volunteer response team members injured in the performance of their duties as response team members whether within or outside the corporate limits of the City. All volunteer response team members shall be covered by the contract.


The Council shall contract to insure against liability of the City or members of the response team for injuries, death, or property damage arising out of and resulting from the performance of departmental duties within or outside the corporate limits of the City.