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Electronic Notification Program

In an effort to keep the lines of communication open between the Mayor, Council and the residents of Roland, the City is experimenting with “low budget” ways of getting short, quick messages to the Roland community. These include email notifications, Facebook and Twitter.

Suggested notifications include:

  1. changes in garbage pick up due to holidays/weather;
  2. new/amended ordinances;
  3. City brochures/newsletters, and
  4. notification of water, sewer and street projects.

This is not a complete listing. If you have any notifications you’d like to be part of this service, please let us know. This service is currently being done on a no-cost-to-you and a no-cost-to-our-city basis. The plan is to keep it that way.

Emails will be sent in text form, not HTML. Addresses will be entered as a Group or by use of the Blind Carbon Copy option so your email address is not visible on the message.

You do not need to be a resident of Roland to participate, but you must be 18 or older to participate in this service. This same form will be needed to remove/change an address. For your privacy, this list will not be sold or distributed.

If the email notification is something you’d be interested in, you can sign up by completing the registration form. The registration form may be:

  1. picked up at City Hall (202 E Ash Street);
  2. printed from the City’s web site (see link below); or
  3. you can call or email City Hall and have the form mailed or emailed to you.

More information and instructions are on the form. To download the registration form in Microsoft Word format, right click here. You can return the form to
City Hall
202 E Ash Street
PO Box 288
Roland, IA 50236
…or fax it to 515-388-5595.

When the page is established, you can “Like” the City of Roland on Facebook. Simply search “City of Roland” and “Like” the page to receive updates on city activities and breaking emergency news via Facebook. You can also follow Roland on Twitter @cityofroland. The Twitter feed will also have emergency bulletins, and notices of city government events and updates.

If you need more details, contact Jodi Meredith at City Hall at 515-388-4861, email cityofroland@gmail.com

Email Registration Form 2014