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Dog Licenses

Dogs 6 months of age or older in Roland must have a city dog license. City licenses may be obtained at City Hall (202 E. Ash St.) upon presentation of rabies certificate (NOTE: the expiration date of the rabies shot must not expire within six months of registration), and a photograph of the dog(s) being registered. Dogs can be eligible for a reduced licensing fee if upon registration of the dog(s), you can provide evidence from a veterinarian that the dog(s) have been spayed or neutered.
All dog licenses are to be renewed the first business day of March every year. A $0.50 per month penalty will be applied to dog licenses not renewed by the first business day of May.
Initial Registration Fee
Male/Female $6
Male/Female-neutered/spayed $4
Renewal Fee
Male/Female $5
Male/Female-neutered/spayed $3


Even with the proper licensing, dogs (and cats) are not permitted to run at large within the city of Roland. Animals caught running at large will be subject to impound and the owner of the animal will be charged a fine of $10 per day the animal is impounded by the city. The city will keep the impounded animal until 2:50 p.m., at which time Story County Animal Control (located in Nevada, phone 515-382-3338) will be called to pick up the animal and transport it to their shelter. The owner of the impounded animal will then be subject to the fines and fees charged by Story County Animal Control and the city no longer has control of the situation.