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Tax Abatements

Roland has a five-year tax abatement program. The application form for the tax abatement is included with the construction permits forms and may be picked up at City Hall (202 E. Ash St.) during normal working hours. To be eligible for the tax abatement, the tax abatement application form must be submitted to the City Council for approval and meet one of the following criteria:

  1. New construction on an empty lot
  2. Improvements made to an existing property, that increases the valuation of the property by 10 percent.

TAX ABATEMENT FORM: tax abatement form


The tax abatement is allowed on the first $75,000 of the cost of the improvement only. You will still be responsible for paying taxes on the assessed value of the land and the difference between the amount assessed and the $75,000 (if new construction) or the amount assessed before the improvements were made.

Once the request is approved by the Roland City Council it is forwarded to the Story County Assessor’s Office. The assessor has the final determination on whether the tax abatement is approved or disapproved and for how much.