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Roland Area Community Center – 208 N Main Street Roland, IA


Roland City Hall is the contact agency for the Community Center.
Contact: (515) 388-4861.

Office Hours:
8-12 noon and 1–5 p.m.
Monday through Friday.
Roland City Hall is closed holidays or as posted.


General Rentals
(Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Reunions, Seminars, Business Meetings, etc.)

$60/six hour rental
$90/all day rental
$250 refundable deposit

Setup times are subject to rental reservation’s schedule. Please call to check room availability. Kitchenette is located on the north side of the building.

Civic Groups, Service Organizations, Non-profit Agencies, etc.

$5/hour for scheduled meetings (general rentals have precedence)
$30/day for north half of the building
$40/day for the whole building
$150 refundable deposit for one-time events or deposit to be held for ongoing scheduled meetings

Two (2) separate checks are to be submitted for the reservation security deposit and the rental fee. The rental fee will be immediately deposited upon receipt. The security deposit will be held, and will be returned within seven (7) days after inspection of the premises following a satisfactory inspection report by maintenance/cleaning staff that everything has been left clean and in order, as outlined, and the return of the key.
Note: If the inspection report indicates less than satisfactory findings, the security deposit will be retained for repairs resulting in any damages, cleaning or other expenses deemed in access of the agreement. Leasee will be provided with a copy of this inspection check off report and be contacted by phone.


The Lessee may pick up the key to the premises any time during the week prior to the rental date, unless otherwise arranged. The key is to be returned one (1) day after the rental use either during office hours or drop slot, unless otherwise arranged.



The Lessee is expected to remove all foodstuff and trash from the kitchenette area, sweep and/or mop the floors, vacuum the carpet, wipe the tables clean, and return the tables and chairs to their original locations. If dishes, glasses and flatware are used, they must be washed and put away. Garbage should be hauled to the outside dumpster.

Clean up deadline is no later than 8 a.m. following the leased day.

Alcohol Policy

The following policy has been set for the serving of alcohol at the Roland Area Community Center:

  1. Beer or wine may be served, this includes champagne and sparkling wines.
  2. For champagne and sparkling wines, the alcohol content CAN NOT be more than 17% by weight or 21.25% by volume.
  3. The party CAN NOT CHARGE for any beer or wine under any circumstances.
  4. If the Lessee hires a caterer who has a Food and Beverage License, hard liquor may be served but it for must be paid for by the Lessee and the Lessee CAN NOT CHARGE for drinks. Proof of insurance will be required by the Lessor.
  5. All drinkers must by 21 years or older.
  1. Nothing is to be adhered to the walls, ceilings, woodwork, etc. The use of adhesives, nails and thumb tacks or staples for hanging decorations or other items on any surface of the building is prohibited.
  2. Do not mark on or decorate the windows. Do not sit or stand on any windowsills.
  3. No smoking allowed in or around the perimeter of the building including front sidewalk area of building.
  4. Kitchen utensils and other items belonging to the premises are not to be removed from the building.
  5. Tables and chairs are to be returned to the area they were found. DO NOT lean tables or chairs against the walls of the main room at any time.
  6. Tables and chairs are not to be taken outside the building.
  7. Remove all food and garbage from the premises. Garbage may be placed in the dumpster behind the building.
  8. The kitchenette area must be cleaned and counters and appliances wiped off. All vinyl areas must be swept clean and mopped. Carpet areas must be vacuumed. Brooms, dust pans, mop bucket, wet mop, and vacuum will be provided for floor cleaning.
  9. Lessee agrees to be personally responsible for adjusting the heat/cooling to pre-rental setting, turning off all lights, and securely locking all doors.
  10. Residents, organizations, and businesses within the corporate limits of Roland may have liquor on the premises provided the waiver below is signed releasing Lessor from any and all liability.