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Minutes—July 16, 2014

Minutes of the Roland City Council
Regular Session
Wednesday, July 16, 2014


The Roland City Council met in regular session on Wednesday July 16, 2014.  The meeting was held at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center with Mayor Jerry Balmer presiding.  Council members present at roll call were Brian Hill, Larry Ford, Doug Sargent, and Jerry Zamzow.  Absent: Andy Webb.  Also present were City Clerk Jodi Meredith, Street Superintendent Harold Hovick, Water/Wastewater Superintendent Nathan Hovick, and 2 visitors from the community.

It was moved by Ford and seconded by Sargent to approve the consent agenda which included Agenda, Minutes from the July 2, 2014 Council Meeting,  Claims for July 16, 2014 in the amount of $60,807.01, and Class “C” Beer & Sunday Sales permit for Casey’s General Store.  All were in favor, motion carried.

Public Input: Deputy Kester informed the council that himself and Deputy Tickle will be the community policing officers for the next year.  There was a discussion about excessive speed going in and out of town in all directions.

Department Head’s Reports were as follows:

Street Department:  There have been complaints about grass clippings in the street at private properties, a camper trailer along the road, a neighbor with too much junk in their yard, and the mosquito spraying.  The council is not going to address any of these because there were no formal signed complaints submitted.  A foreman for the cell tower was in town to evaluate the site and Windstream has submitted plans to get fiber to the tower.

Water/Wastewater Department:  The Vine St. water main Project has started.

City Clerk:  There will be training and working with Data Tech in the next couple of months.  The office will be closed for a meeting on August 20.  The annual audit will be September 2 and 3.  The end of the year reports are being completed and two are ready to be sent in.

A motion was made by Sargent and seconded by Hill to approve the Mayor’s appointments of Marvin Wright and Gene Ridgeway to Planning and Zoning, both terms expiring 6/30/2019.  All were in favor, motion carried.  It was noted that there is a vacancy on the Board of Adjustments.

A motion was made by Ford and seconded by Zamzow to approve Resolution 14-24: Resolution Authorizing The City Clerk To Make The Appropriate Interfund Transfer Of Sums In The Appropriate Manner For FY 2013-2014 For The City Of Roland, IA.  Aye: Hill, Zamzow, Ford, Sargent.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.

A motion was made by Zamzow and seconded by Hill to approve Resolution 14-25: Resolution Approve The Iowa Department Of Transportation Annual Road Use Financial Report For Fiscal Year 2013-2014.  Aye: Sargent, Hill, Zamzow, Ford.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.

A motion was made by Hill and seconded by Sargent to approve Resolution 14-26: Resolution Awarding Contract For The Main Street Demolition Project.  Aye: Ford, Sargent, Hill, Zamzow.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.

There was a discussion about properties in town without sidewalks.  There was a discussion about how much time to give property owners to install a sidewalk.  The sidewalk code goes back to at least 1996.  A list of properties constructed between 1996 and today that have not installed sidewalks will be created along with a draft letter to be sent out.  Ford will talk with Mark Jackson to see how Story City handles this problem.

A motion was made by Zamzow and seconded by Hill to appoint to the E911 Board; Jerry Balmer and Jeff Harestead as an alternate.  All were in favor, motion carried.

Mayor/Council Comments: Mayor Balmer informed the council that he had been approached by Brad Taylor about the FFA working with the DNR to plant 20 trees at Britson Park.  The council supported this idea.

There was a question about if the Mayor or Library Board members appoint people to the Library Board.  It will be looked into.

There was a concern that a Boosters group was competing with Friends and Service for selling food at softball games.  A Roland-Story Booster representative stated that it was not their group doing this.  The issue will be looked into.

Public Input:  There was no public input at this time.

With no further business at this time, Sargent moved for adjournment of the meeting at 6:47 pm seconded by Hill.  All were in favor, motion carried.  The next regular scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center.



Jerry Balmer, Mayor


Jodi Meredith, City Clerk