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Minutes—June 3, 2020

Minutes of the Roland City Council
Regular Session
Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Roland City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. The meeting was held at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center with Mayor Andy Webb presiding. Council members present via Zoom at roll call: Jerry Balmer, Malissa Grimsley, Russ Neely, and Kailah Schmitz. Absent: Riley Larson. Also present were City Clerk Jodi Meredith, Public Works Director Nathan Hovick, Public Works Director Dalton Johnston, and 2 visitors from the public via Zoom.

It was moved by Neely and seconded by Schmitz to approve the consent agenda which included Agenda, Minutes from the May 20, 2020 Council Meeting, and Claims for June 3, 2020 in the amount of $24,508.00. All in favor, motion carried.

Public Input: None.

Department Head’s Reports were as follows
Public Works Director: There have been a few requests to have sewer waived for filling personal pools, just checking to make sure the council is still agreeing to do this. There was a storm sewer issue on Locust St. that required digging up a couple of spots in the street, these areas have been patched but the whole line is in poor condition and should be replaced when the water main work is done along Locust this year. CM Grimsley asked about the pool replacement project. They are on schedule to complete it in November if the weather stays nice.

City Clerk: There are still two customers who have not made contact in any way about their past due bills, one can have a lien filed against their property and the other’s landlord has been contacted.

A motion was made by Grimsley and seconded by Schmitz to approve Resolution 20-14 Raise Wages For Employees at 1.5% for cost of living. Aye: Grimsley, Schmitz, Balmer. Nay: none. Abstain: Neely. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Neely and seconded by Schmitz to Approve Pay Estimate #3 to Sande Construction in the amount of $332,023.52. All in favor, motion carried.

Consensus of the council is to open the playgrounds and open shelters, open the shelter house with additional waiver required, continue having City Hall open by appointment, and leave the Community Center closed.

There was discussion about a request for a children playing sign on Duea Cr. Consensus of the council is that this is not necessary in this area.

Mayor/Council Comments: CM Balmer had someone ask if they could cut up some of the downed trees at Jacobson Bear Creek Park for firewood. That is fine, but the ground is soft so don’t rut it up. He would like to remove the “Roland Rocket” sign that is in poor condition, if someone wants to donate for a new sign, they are welcome to present to the council. He asked about the 1.5% cost of living raise, are employees still going to be able to get performance raises this year?
CM Neely noticed that a semi periodically backs into a driveway on S. Cottonwood and blocks the sidewalk. He wondered if anyone complains about this or others parking over the sidewalk.
CM Grimsley asked about making the dump easier to drive around. It is periodically pushed up. She asked about who and how complaints/concerns brought to her should be handled.
Mayor Webb would like to have a meeting with the boards and groups in town to develop a Capitol Improvement Plan for the City.

Public Input: None.

With no further business at this time, Balmer moved for adjournment of the meeting at 7:06 pm seconded by Schmitz. All in favor, motion carried. The next regular scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center.

Andy Webb, Mayor 


Jodi Meredith, City Clerk