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Minutes—October 16, 2019

Minutes of the Roland City Council

Regular Session

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

The Roland City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, October 16, 2019. The meeting was held at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center with Mayor Andy Webb presiding. Council members present at roll call: Jerry Balmer, Aaron Burres, Riley Larson, Doug Sargent, Kailah Schmitz. Absent: none. Also present were City Clerk Jodi Meredith, Utility Billing Clerk Jeri Neely, Public Works Director Nathan Hovick, Assistant Public Works Director Dalton Johnston, and 4 from the public.

It was moved by Balmer and seconded by Sargent to approve the consent agenda which included Agenda, Minutes from the October 2, 2019 Council Meeting, and Claims for October 16, 2019 in the amount of $128,669.97. All were in favor, motion carried.

Public Input: There was no input.

Department Head’s Reports were as follows

Public Works Director: Reminder to residents that political, realty, advertising, etc. signs are not allowed in the right-of-way or within 20 feet of a roadway. The mother of the owner of 221 N. Martha expressed her concerns to Nathan and multiple Manatts employees that a 2 inch overlay will flood her son’s property and will spend whatever it takes to sue the City if the property floods. She requested that it get stated at the council meeting and put in the minutes. Dan Patterson, owner of 221 N. Martha, visited about the project the next day and didn’t have an issue if Manatts could put a channel at the joint of his driveway approach and the street, which they would do. The N. Martha St. project is complete other than replacing sidewalk approaches. All asphalt patch work is complete, some of it along Elm St. is being done as part of the maintenance bond from the trunk sewer project. There is a water rate seminar that the council was encouraged to attend, Mayor Webb will be attending. The City of Denver, IA is selling a boom truck by sealed bid, the City will look at it and potentially submit a bid.

City Clerk: The state conducted an exit interview regarding the claims that the City requested be investigated. They will be releasing the results to the County Attorney and media outlets in the next couple of weeks. The Annual Financial Report is done and going to the paper, it will be on the next agenda.

The Utility Billing Clerk asked for direction for a utility bill for 218 N. Erickson that keeps getting pushed back with excuses. A motion was made by Sargent and seconded by Larson to give the renter at 218 N. Erickson until November 1, 2019 to pay their utility bill in full or water service will be disconnected. All were in favor, motion carried.

A motion was made by Balmer and seconded by Schmitz to approve Resolution 19:27: Resolution 28E Agreement Fire Department. Aye: Burres, Sargent, Balmer, Schmitz, Larson. Nay: none. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Sargent and seconded by Balmer to approve pay estimate #12 to Woodruff Construction in the amount of $484,346.07 for Lagoon Project. All were in favor, motion carried.

A motion was made by Schmitz and seconded by Sargent to approve Resolution 19:28: Resolution To Provide For A Notice Of Hearing On Proposed Plans, Specifications, Form Of Contract And Estimate Of Cost For The Roland Swimming Pool Project, And The Taking Of Bids Therefor. Aye: Larson, Schmitz, Balmer, Sargent, Burres. Nay: none. Motion carried.

Mayor/Council Comments: CM Schmitz informed everyone that there is a pool fundraiser meal and auction at GI Jill’s this Saturday night.

Mayor Webb shared that the 150th celebration committee is looking for input of which inflatables to have. He thanked the Pool Committee for all of their work.

CM Balmer asked if someone from Kiwanis is collecting cans from the drop off area at 5:30 am. He has seen someone there filling their trunk more than once and will question them next time he sees it.

Public Input: There was no input.

With no further business at this time, Sargent moved for adjournment of the meeting at 6:28 pm seconded by Burres. All were in favor, motion carried. The next regular scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, November 6, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center.


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Andy Webb, Mayor                                                    Jodi Meredith, City Clerk