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Minutes—October 18, 2017

Minutes of the Roland City Council
Regular Session
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Roland City Council met in regular session on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.  The meeting was held at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center with Mayor Jerry Balmer presiding.  Council members present at roll call were Aaron Burres, Doug Sargent, Andy Webb, and Jerry Zamzow.  Absent: Larry Ford.  Also present were City Clerk Jodi Meredith, Street Superintendent Harold Hovick, Water/Wastewater Superintendent Nathan Hovick, and 3 visitors from the community.

It was moved by Ford and seconded by Sargent to approve the consent agenda which included Agenda, Minutes from the October 4, 2017 Council Meeting, and Claims for October 18, 2017 in the amount of $61,889.17.  All were in favor, motion carried.

Public Input: Riley Larson reported that the building inspector called him and would look at the site plan and come out and visit the site, but then hasn’t heard anything else from him.

Department Head’s Reports were as follows:

Street Department: The speed sign is a little small, will check on the cost of the bigger size.

Water/Wastewater Department: There are still a couple items on the water plant punch list.  The sewer project completion date was October 13 and there is still work to be completed like the seeding.  A punch list will be created.  Save Our Sewers completed eight manhole casting rehab repairs.  The panel at the industrial park lift station and will be replaced.

City Clerk: The telephone line has been connected for the new city hall.  The automatic door openers will be installed Monday.  The audit is scheduled for November 1 and 2.  The office will be closing early because of clerk classes Thursday and Friday.

A motion was made by Webb and seconded by Sargent to approve Resolution 17-39: Resolution Approving Plat of Survey.  Aye: Zamzow, Webb, Sargent, Burres.  Nay: none.  Motion carried.

A motion was made by Burres and seconded by Webb to have the sidewalk at 731 Bryan installed in the correct location until the electric box on the west end, then have it make a 45 degree jog out around the box.  All were in favor, motion carried.

There was a discussion with engineer Forrest Aldrich about having a site plan ordinance.  It will be looked into, drafted, and placed on a future agenda for approval.

CM Zamzow asked about the Samson Street Sanitary Sewer project not being completed by the completion date.  Forrest said that the grass will need to be seeded by November 1 and that the council could try to enforce completion deadline penalties.

Public Input: There was no public input at this time.

Mayor/Council Comments: CM Zamzow would like Roland to look into different options for police protection after it took 30 minutes for an officer to arrive when the school was on lockdown.  He proposes hiring our own or trying to go in with Story City.

CM Webb is still talking with the potential developer for Frandsen’s property.  There has been a delay because of some restructuring in their company and they feel that they are asking more for the property than it is worth.  CM Webb will also visit with the Story City police chief about the possibility of covering Roland.

CM Sargent would like a copy of the PIQ for Street Superintendent so they can look into what needs updated for the new hire.

CM Webb received an email from Noelle McLatchie about Erickson Park needing updated and possible grants.

With no further business at this time, Webb moved for adjournment of the meeting at 7:03 pm seconded by Burres.  All were in favor, motion carried.  The next regular scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center.
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Jerry Balmer, Mayor                                                               Jodi Meredith, City Clerk