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Minutes—September 17, 2014

Minutes of the Roland City Council
Regular Session
Wednesday, September 17, 2014


The Roland City Council met in regular session on Wednesday September 17, 2014. The meeting was held at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center with Mayor Jerry Balmer presiding. Council members present at roll call were Brian Hill, Larry Ford, Doug Sargent, Andy Webb, and Jerry Zamzow. Absent: none. Also present were City Clerk Jodi Meredith, Street Superintendent Harold Hovick, Water/Wastewater Superintendent Nathan Hovick, and 3 visitors from the community.

It was moved by Zamzow and seconded by Hill to approve the consent agenda which included Agenda, Minutes from the September 3, 2014 Council Meeting, and Claims for September 17, 2014 in the amount of $23,490.65. All were in favor, motion carried.

Public Input: Rob Coghlan asked if Casey’s is expanding their store. They are not. He also wanted the council to consider making him exempt from installing a sidewalk because there is no sidewalk on either side of his property.

Deputy Kester noted the increase in traffic because of school being in session. They have been running radar in town during school drop off and pick up times.

Department Head’s Reports were as follows:

Street Department: The ground at Britson Park is too hard for the City’s small disk to work up. The base for the new cell tower has been poured.

Water/Wastewater Department: V&K should know if the sponsored project application was accepted by the next council meeting. They will give an update on the sanitary sewer project at the next meeting. The water main project is finished other than seeding. US Cellular decided that it will be necessary to have a 12 foot by 20 foot equipment building for the new antennas that they want to install on the water tower. It would be located west of the existing fenced in area. The city can either by hose to lie on the ground or install a two inch line to a hydrant for running sprinklers when Britson Park is reseeded. The council would like to have a line and hydrant installed. CM Ford would like to get a price for an irrigation system.

City Clerk: The AP training for the new software is done and they are currently working on payroll training. Utility billing training will be at the end of the month.

Pool Board: Rob Coghlan informed the council that the pool’s gutter fund is money brought in from concessions and could be used for things like chairs, diving board, heater, painting the pool and buildings, slide, or other big projects. They will be making lifeguards complete more painting and cleaning duties in the future. When the pool is being painted, he would like the buildings to be sandblasted.

A motion was made by Hill and seconded by Webb to hire Dreyer Painting to repaint the pool and repair any cracks found after blasting. The painting will cost $12,635.00 and crack repairs $2.50 per linear foot. All were in favor, motion carried.

CM Hill requested, on behalf of Hall Backhoe & Trenching, that the council consider a change order of $5,200.00 for the extra time spent getting the gravel to grade and cleaning up for the Vine St. Water Main Project. The trench will not be asphalted right away as bid, requiring them to fill the trench to grade. The council will consider the request at the next meeting and asked the street superintendent and committee to form an opinion for the next meeting.

Mayor Balmer proclaimed the week of September 17 – 23 as Constitution Week.

Mayor Balmer proclaimed October 30, 2014 as Halloween Beggar’s Night.

Mayor/Council Comments: Mayor Balmer informed the council that the 54 DNR funded trees will be planted at Britson Park by the Roland-Story FFA on October 22. They would like help with digging the holes a few days ahead of time. The city can provide a tractor if the group finds an auger to use.

Mayor Balmer asked if the City should be looking at a proactive approach at Ash trees. Right now the intention is to take City owned trees down as they get diseased and die. Ash trees on private property are the responsibility of the property owner and can be treated or removed.

CM Webb asked if letters have been sent out for tree trimming. They have not.

Public Input: Rob Coghlan has had issues with Windstream’s internet for months. He would like to see the town get together to make a stand against the bad service similar to what Maxwell has done. The council stated that the City cannot be a part of that and many of the council members stated that they have not had issues with CCS’s internet and recommended that he change service providers if he is having issues.

With no further business at this time, Sargent moved for adjournment of the meeting at 7:14 pm seconded by Hill. All were in favor, motion carried. The next regular scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, October 1, 2014 at 6:00 pm at the Roland Community Center.

Jerry Balmer, Mayor


Jodi Meredith, City Clerk